Stanley Lake - Sunset vs. Storm  - 3

Stanley Lake - Sunset vs. Storm - 3

Then, while putting up my tripod, and man that had been watching the sunset with his wife and child came down to talk. He told me how it had been the greatest sunset he had ever seen and it is really too bad that I was not there five minutes earlier. He was a nice guy, but at this point strangulation seemed appropriate.

I had noticed that the direct light of the sunset was pretty much gone by this stage, but there was some indirect reflected light was looking pretty interesting. I told the guy that there might still be some interesting activity yet. As time progressed, the pictures started to take on a different life and the rain and lightning started over McGowan peek. At this point, the man's wife came down to get him. He had been hit by lightning once before, and his wife was not going to let it happen again.
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