Scott DeHart is a landscape photographer located in St. George, Utah.  Scott’s intent is to photographically capture many of the unique and beautiful places in the world around us. That desire has led him to travel extensively in much of the western united states and to many areas around the world. Scott is driven by the urge to capture the visual drama and artistry of the wonders of the western United States. And communicate them to others in such a way as to invite and encourage others to visit these wonderful places and genuinely appreciate what they are seeing.   The great iconic places of the world are wonderful; however, there is much beauty in the world around us each day.  There is beauty in the land, the villages, towns, and cities of the world.  Scott’s hope is that if one learns to see wonder in the iconic places, we can learn to see that beauty that surrounds us in our everyday life.

Scott is an award-winning photographer whose work has been displayed in both print and televised media.  Scott’s work can be explored at

Artist Statement.

Thank you for looking at my photographic art.  My goal is to inspire those seeing my work to appreciate the world around them.  To visit new places and perhaps see them from a new and different perspective.   Our world is full of beautiful and wonderful places.  Many of them are remarkably close to us, but in our busy lives, we just do not see them.  I hope to inspire people to look for the beauty in the world around us.  Whether near or far. 

To capture that beauty with a camera is a challenge.  I hope that to some degree, that my photography can capture some of that spirit and be an ongoing reminder just how great the world is.  Photography is not as much about where you stand or what equipment you have, as it is about what you see in the place where you are.  Wherever you are there is usually some story there that is worth exploring.

Thank you from taking a small part of your life’s journey through my work.